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One-Off Audits

It is a scaffolding safety requirement that all scaffolding should be inspected to ensure it meets appropriate safety standards. The hiring organisation is legally responsible for scaffold inspection. Altitude Scaffolding can assist in the discharging of these duties including:

  • Installation and before first use
  • At an interval of no more than seven days
  • Any circumstances that arise which could potentially compromise the safety of the installation, for example extreme weather conditions

One-off or scheduled scaffolding safety audits can be used to ascertain the adequacy of completed scaffolding structures, management arrangements, scaffold design and operational safety on site, including compliance with SG4:15, TG20:13 and the Work at Height Regulations.

What We Do?

Our Bridgend Scaffolding Inspections team and Scaffolding Safety Audits covering the South Wales region. Altitude Scaffolding are experts in all aspects of scaffolding safety and have a wealth of experience in carrying out health and safety audits and inspections for scaffolding.

As part of our comprehensive scaffolding safety services, we can provide tailored scaffolding inspection services and scaffolding safety audits to meet each client’s particular requirements. Using us means means you will be actively protecting yourself against risk of incident and any liability issues that may arise.


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Statutory Scaffolding Inspections

We provided an independent scaffold inspection service that meets the legal requirements of The Work at Height Regulations 2005.

  • Before Use
  • Handover
  • Design Handover
  • Seven Day (Statutory)